Crypto Waifu NFT project has revealed the faces of the GEN 1 NFT waifus!

The Crypto Waifus project is an NFT platform, on top of which 256 generations of collectable NFTs can be minted. Gen 1 minting commences on May 11th 2021.

In the meantime, the director for art (@inkofdawn on instagram) has revealed 10 of the possible 12 faces that will be implemented into the Crypto Waifu NFT characters. This image excludes the Ahegao and Ahegao Climax faces.

The faces will have varying rarity, from as common as 20% to as uncommon as 0.01% — that’s 1/10000. The Crypto Waifu NFT characters will also have a set of other features that will be randomly generated, based on a seed which is generated by the blockchain.

You can find out more about the Crypto Waifus project at




Waifu NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

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Crypto Waifus

Crypto Waifus

Waifu NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

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