Crypto Waifus are Giving Away Waifu NFTs #1 to #10

Yes, it’s true.

We are giving away the very first Crypto Waifu ever minted (Waifu Genesis Super-Rainbow Shiny #1), to the community member who provides the most liquidity to our pool, before May 11th 2021.

We’re also minting 9 special NFT Waifus (Waifu Genesis White) for liquidity providers who provided liquidity before launch date on 11th May 2021. The 9 special NFT Waifus will be randomly assigned to liquidity providers.

What do you have to do?

Go to Pancake Swap with your BNB tokens, buy UWU and put them into the UWU-BNB pool.

We’ll to the rest.




Waifu NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

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Crypto Waifus

Crypto Waifus

Waifu NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

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