Crypto Waifus is Providing MASSIVE incentives to Liquidity Providers on Pancakeswap

Crypto Waifus
2 min readApr 27, 2021


The Crypto Waifus NFT project is rewarding liquidity providers on pancakeswap with huge incentives, in the form of airdrops of Ultra-Rare Crypto Waifu NFTs, throughout 2021.

We want to maximally reward our liquidity providers, for facilitating trading of the $UWU token; the governance and utility token of the Crypto Waifus project. As the liquidity pool grows, so does the opportunity for larger investors to participate and help grow the platform.

In the two weeks that this project has been active, we have organically grown our liquidity pool to roughly $60,000 USD on pancakeswap. This is all thanks to our liquidity providers.

Every month, LP token holders will have the chance to receive one of a set of extremely rare waifu NFTs, which will never again be minted. This is to incentivise our community to contribute liquidity to the liquidity pool. The highest liquidity provider of the BNB-UWU pool will receive a Super Rainbow, one-of-a-kind waifu NFT — and depending on the number of liquidity providers there will be a distinct set of Ultra-Rare Plain LP Waifu NFTs which will never been minted again, ever.

We want to do this style of NFT airdrop roughly once per month, but the actual day of the airdrop will remain ambiguous, so that we can fairly distribute the NFTs to those who remain in the liquidity pool for a reasonable amount of time.

We anticipate that as the platform ages, the desirability and scarcity of early generation waifus will increase. Makes sense, right? We want our most valuable community members — the liquidity providers, to get those NFT gems.