Crypto Waifus UWU Token Pool is now Available 🥞

The Crypto Waifus token is now available for purchase on Pancake Swap. You will need UWU tokens to mint your Crypto Waifu NFTs.

1 UWU = 1 Waifu NFT

The Crypto Waifu DAO will be holding the price as close to $40 as possible before May 11th minting begins, to enable everyone to buy UWU tokens at the same price. After May 11 the price will be allowed to run wherever it likes.

We are rewarding liquidity providers to the UWU-BNB pool on pancakeswap by giving 9 Genesis Waifu Plain NFTs to random liquidity providers, and 1 Genesis Waifu Super-Rainbow Shiny #1 NFT to the address with the most liquidity on May 11.




Waifu NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

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Crypto Waifus

Crypto Waifus

Waifu NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

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