Introducing Crypto Waifus…

Crypto Waifus
2 min readApr 13, 2021


Welcome to the Crypto Waifus project— a fun, procedurally generated set of ultra-rare anime waifu NFTs, to keep you company during the pandemic. Governance token now available on PancakeSwap.

But much more than that…

The NFT space has produced some great tech this year. So, we (Dev Oskii and Dev Barnyard) wanted to contribute to that greatness by incorporating some of the fabulous innovations of on-chain governance, which became somewhat of a standard in DeFi, to NFTs.

Imagine coupling on-chain governance with the ERC721 standard. Realising this dream, NFT communities would be in control of the universes in which the NFTs inhabit — and collectively define new worlds, characters and adventures together, across time. This is Crypto Waifus’ vision. Crypto Waifus plans to adopt Compound’s on-chain governance model, once the community reaches critical mass.

In the meantime…

Gen 1 Crypto Waifus are the first set of mintable NFTs available on the Crypto Waifu platform. Beginning on May 11th 2021 — a limited run of 10,000 mintable NFTs are available for soft-minting (to reduce gas fees), at which point users can choose to hard-mint their favourite Waifus. Ultra-rare Waifus are possible, with each of the 8 sets of attributes including a 1/10,000 possibility.

Once Gen 1 Crypto Waifus minting run is over, we plan to release mintable waifu NFTs in the theme of holidays — Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day etc. Up to 255 Generations are possible, so there will be many.

We have some great artists on board, some heavy-hitting engineers and a crystalline vision to generate a compelling NFT ecosystem and on-chain governance. Stay tuned for updates!