Week two progress has been huge…

Crypto Waifus
2 min readApr 17, 2021


Two weeks ago the team (Dev Oskii, Dev Barnyard, Jessie, Eranga and Georgina) started our journey to create the Crypto Waifus NFT platform, and native token $UWU. Our vision is to create an NFT universe, in which anyone can generate their own anime waifu NFTs, with varying rarity. It became apparent to us that minting NFTs on Ethereum has become increasingly expensive due to high gas fees, so we decided to do something new. We have launched our platform on the Binance Smart Chain to reduce minting fees by a factor of 10 — and it works!

In two weeks we have finalised the deployment of our platform on the Binance Smart Chain, and it is ready to be launched on May 11th as scheduled.

On top of that we have managed to grow a small community of about 150 users. There has been some great discussion surrounding the project and where our ideas can lead. The community are particularly interested in the on-chain governance aspect of the project. Our team is thrilled by the response, and we are all very grateful that the community is interested in fostering our project.

We will keep you updated with our weekly progress. Cannot wait to see what happens next week.


Crypto Waifus Team ❤️